Waterstopindia.com is a venture of Nuha Construction Solutions. Nuha Construction Solutions specializes in providing waterproofing solutions for construction joints.
Welcome to SYNKOFLEX - the leading waterstop in the world today
       Since water can leak only if there is a defect in the concrete, water leakage comes directly under concrete failures which is the core area of Nuha Construction Solutions. Water Leakage consultancy is still in its infancy in India. Deficiency in engineering detailing for joints is now being understood as the reason for failures at site. Many site situations cannot be foreseen at the design stage. It is for this reason that Waterstopindia.com has been started. To foresee and forewarn so that action can be taken now to prevent disasters later.
       Nuha Construction Solutions represents the Henry Company from Texas, USA who are one of the leaders in the waterproofing business.

       One of the most common causes of leakage of water is through construction joints. The best way to stop this is to ensure that the construction joint is made watertight during the construction stage itself. This can be done by using a special flexible compressible waterstop called SYNKOFLEX. SYNKOFLEX can be laid even in wet and rainy conditions which is not the case with ordinary swellable waterstops. SYNKOFLEX can effectively seal horizontal, vertical, inclined and circular construction joints.
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       SYNKOFLEX is specially designed so that it does not require any skilled labour for laying. Hence all clients opt to lay SYNKOFLEX themselves with complete confidence in its success.

       Manufactured by the world famous Henry Group of the United States, SYNKOFLEX is being used in tunnels, basements, reservoirs and water retaining structures all over the world with complete success. So when you want a 100 percent watertight joint, do use SYNKOFLEX.
       With SYNKOFLEX, you can plan your concreting with confidence. You may stop concreting wherever and whenever you want without the worry that there will be a cold joint. You may continue concreting at any point in time just by keeping SYNKOFLEX in the joint and knowing fully well that the joint will never leak in its lifetime.
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